NFT Bible

This project aims to publish a new and complete translation of the Holy Bible into the Fijian language (Bauan, the official dialect), the first translation since the original 1864 translation was published.

The Tree of Life Bookstores

The Tree of Life Bookstore chain of Christian bookshops has been operating in Fiji since 2005. These bookstores are a missionary outreach initiative of the Ah Koy Christian Trust.

The goal of each bookstore is to make available good Christian books at extremely affordable prices (typically for the same price as a soft drink), and therefore affordable by most of the general public, including children. Available for sale are Christian books, music CDs, DVDs, miscellaneous stationery.

Tree of Life Church

The Tree of Life Church is an AOG affiliated congregation situated in Qauia, Lami, Fiji. he property on which the church is built has been leased by the Ah Koy Christian Trust to provide services for the local Lami community.



Support requests and Project proposals to be sent to:

The General Manager,
Ah Koy Christian Trust,
P.O. Box 1122,
Fiji Islands.